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Best Digital Marketing Course Training Institute in Kukatpally

Digital Marketing Course Training Institute in Kukatpally

How Many Types Of Search Engine Optimization In Off-Page Submission List?

There are several types of off-page search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that can be used to improve the visibility of a website on search engine result pages. Some of the most common off-page SEO techniques include:

Link Building: The process of getting other websites to link back to your site.

Social Media Marketing: Promoting your website through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Social Bookmarking: Submitting your website to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg.

Directory Submission: Submitting your website to online directories like Yellow Pages, Google My Business, and Yelp.

Forum Posting: Participating in online forums and communities related to your niche.

Article Submission: Write articles related to your niche and submit them to article directories like EzineArticles, HubPages, and Squidoo.

Blog Posting: Write guest posts on other blogs and link back to your site.

Video Submission: Create videos related to your niche and upload them to video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Image Submission: Uploading images related to your niche to image-sharing sites like Flickr and Imgur.

Each of these techniques has its own set of best practices and strategies, and a comprehensive off-page SEO strategy will typically include a mix of several different techniques.

What Is A Search Engine?

A Search Engine Is A Software System Designed To Carry Out Web Searches. They Search The World Wide Web In A Systematic Way For Particular Information Specified In A Textual Web Search Query. The Search Results Are Generally Presented In A Line Of Results, Often Referred To As Search Engine Results Pages.

A Search Engine Is A Web-Based Tool That Enables Users To Locate Information On The World Wide Web.

Search Engines Allow Users To Search The Internet For Content Using Keywords. Although The Market Is Dominated By A Few, There Are Many Search Engines That People Can Use. When A User Enters A Query Into A Search Engine, A Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Is Returned, Ranking The Found Pages In Order Of Their Relevance. How This Ranking Is Done Differs Across Search Engines.

Search Engines Often Change Their Algorithms (The Programs That Rank The Results) To Improve User Experience. They Aim To Understand How Users Search And Give Them The Best Answer To Their Queries. This Means Giving Priority To The Highest Quality And Most Relevant Pages.

The Best Search Engine In The World:

Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask, Duckduckgo.

Prepare a List Of Search Terms That Potential Customers Might Use To Search For Those Products / Services In Search Engines:

A Search Term Is What Users Key Into A Search Engine When They Want To Find Something Specific. A Search Term Can Be A Single Keyword Or A Combination Of Words, E.G. Digital Marketing Training, Digital Marketing Training Center In Malakpet.

A Search Term Often Contains A Keyword: A Word Or Phrase Search Marketers Bid On In Their Search Campaigns And Try To Rank For In The Organic Search Results.

With Billions Of Websites Online Today, There Is A Lot Of Information On The Internet. Search Engines Make This Information Easier To Find. Let's Look At The Basics Of Using A Search Engine, As Well As Some Techniques You Can Use To Get Better Search Results.

Classify The Right Keywords To Target By Using The Available Keyword Research Tools:

What Is Keyword?

Keywords Are The Words And Phrases That People Type Into Search Engines To Find What They're Looking For. For Example, If You Were Looking To Buy A New Jacket, You Might Type Something Like a “Men’s Leather Jacket” Into Google. Even Though That Phrase Consists Of More Than One Word, It's Still A Keyword.

Keywords Research And Examples:

Keyword Research Is The Process Of Finding And Analyzing Search Terms That People Enter Into Search Engines.


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Helping You Choose The Right Keywords:

  • Think Like A Customer. Identify Your Target Audience And Put Yourself Into The Shoes Of A Customer When You Create Your Initial List Of Keywords
  • Study The Competition
  • Understand The Long Tail Keyword
  • Use Keyword Research Tools
  • Analyze The Results

With The Keyword Explorer Tool, You Can Search Any Keyword You Choose And See Its Monthly Volume, Difficulty, And Organic Click Through Rate (Ctr). Scroll Down From There To See an Analysis Of Current Results Ranking For It And Suggestions For Similar Keywords.

Keyword Research Tools:

  • Https://Backlinko.Com/Keyword-Research-Tools
  • Https://Www.Semrush.Com/Blog/Keyword-Research-Guide-For-Seo/
  • Https://Ahrefs.Com/Keywords-Explorer
  • Https://Secockpit.Com/
  • Https://Backlinko.Com/Google-Keyword-Planner
  • Https://Keywordtool.Io/
  • Https://Moz.Com/Explorer
  • Https://Trends.Google.Com/Trends/
  • Https://Kwfinder.Com/

Assess The Keywords By Their Level Of Competition And Monthly Average Search Volume In The Search Engine Networks:

Keyword Competition Analysis Is The Process Of Evaluating How The Top Rankings Fare When It Comes To The Most Important Seo Factors, Including Their Use Of Specific Keywords.

Competitor Keywords Are Keywords Your Competitors Are Currently Targeting To Improve Rankings And Generate More Online Traffic. Targeting Competitor Keywords Helps You Appear On The Same Serps (Search Engine Results Pages) As Your Competitors.

What Is Search Volume And Competition?

Search Volume Is Simply The Amount Or Quantity Of Searches That Occur For A Particular Keyword Or Term, Often Expressed As Searches Per Month.. Search Competition Is How Many Pages On The Internet Include That Term, Thus, The Number Of Pages You Will Be Competing Against.

What Is Average Monthly Search Volume?

Monthly Search Volume (Msv) Measures How Many Times A Particular Search Query Or Keyword Is Entered Into Search Engines Each Month. As The Number Of People Looking Up The Same Search Term Increases, So Does The Msv Of The Subject.

How Do You Find The Average Monthly Search Of A Keyword?

You Can Click On “Avg. Monthly Searches” To Sort The Results. That Way, You Only See Keywords With Lots Of Search Volume. You Can Have The Google Keyword Planner Only Show You Keywords With “Low”, “Medium” Or “High” Competition.

Recognize The Potential Keywords To Target For Optimization By Interpreting The Data Provided By Keyword Research Tools:

What Are Keywords For Optimization?

Keyword Optimization (Also Known As Keyword Research) Is The Act Of Researching, Analyzing And Selecting The Best Keywords To Target To Drive Qualified Traffic From Search Engines To Your Website.

It's Easier For Pages To Rank If They Focus On One Topic, So You Should Focus On Two Or Three Primary Keywords Per Page That Are Reworded Variations. Targeting Four Or More Keywords Is Difficult Because There Is Limited Space In The Title And Meta Description Tags To Target Them.

Why Keyword Optimization Is Important?

Keyword Search Optimization Is A Critical Step In the Initial Stages Of Search Engine Marketing, For Both Paid And Organic Search. If You Do A Bad Job At Selecting Your Target Keywords, All Your Subsequent Efforts Will Be In Vain. So It's Vital To Get Keyword Optimization Right.

If You Want Content To Rank, Match Search Intent And Follow Some On-Page Best Practices. But First, Ensure You Have The Right Keyword.

What Happens When Optimizing Keywords?

Optimizing For A Specific Keyword Or A Specific Keyword Phrase Will Maximize Your Chances Of Ranking For Search Queries That Include That Keyword Or Phrase. Your Company Might Optimize Web Pages For A Term Like "Bicycles For Sale" Or "Hotdog Restaurant Near Me."

Best Keyword Research Tools:

  • Https://Www.Semrush.Com
  • Https://Kwfinder.Com
  • Https://Ahrefs.Com/Keywords-Explorer
  • Https://Ads.Google.Com/Intl/En_In/Home/Tools/Keyword-Planner
  • Https://Www.Growthbarseo.Com
  • Https://Longtailpro.Com
  • Https://Keywordtool.Io
  • Https://Moz.Com/Explorer

Categorize Different Types Of Keywords Such As Brand Search Queries, Head Terms, And Long-Tail Terms To Keep In The Final List:

When Researching To Discover A User's Intentions Behind Making A Search, We Can Classify All Keywords Into 2 Main Categories Of Intent. Short-Tail And Long-Tail Keywords.

Types Of Keywords In Seo:

2  Types Of Keywords

The Short-Tail Keywords------- 1 Or 2 Words

Eg: Digital Marketing

The Long-Tail Keywords---4 Or More

Eg: Digital Marketing Training Center In Hyderabad

Benefits Of Keyword Research:

Keyword Research Helps You Find Which Keywords Are Best To Target And Provides Valuable Insight Into The Queries That Your Target Audience Is Actually Searching On Search Engines.

Keyword Research Is Still Very Relevant To Both Your Seo Process And Your Success With Search Engine Rankings. Without It, You Could Be Choosing The Wrong Keywords, Resulting In Little To No Traffic To Your Pages.

  • Find Keywords With High Search Volume
  • Find Keywords With Low Competition
  • Understand What You're Competing Against
  • Find Keywords With High Conversion Rates
  • Scope The Competition
  • Get Ideas For Your Content Strategy
  • Find New Keywords
  • How To Use Keyword For Website:
  • 1. Use Google Keyword Planner To Cut Down Your Keyword List.
  • 2. Check The Monthly Search Volume
  • 3. Factor In Serp Features As You Choose Keywords.
  • 4. See How Competitors Are Ranking For These Keywords.

Identify The Keywords With High Commercial Intent Which Are Expected To Have Higher Conversion Rates:

Evaluate The Domain And Page Authority Of A Website By Using Online Tools:

What Domain Authority?

Domain Authority Is A Search Engine Ranking Score That Gives A Measure Of How Successful A Site Is When It Comes To Search Engine Results. It Was Created By Software Development Company Moz, And Gives An Overview Of Likely Search Engine Performance. Domain Authority Scores Range From 1 To 100.

Scores Between 40 And 50 Are Considered Average, 50 And 60 are Rated As Good, and Above 60 are Rate As Excellent.

We Can Find Out The Domain Authority Of Any Website Using Mozbar (Moz's Free Seo Toolbar), Or In The SERP Analysis Section Of Keyword Explorer.

What Is A Page Authority:

The Value A Search Engine Assigns A Web Page. The Higher The Value, The More Likely The Search Engine Will Return A Web Page Early In Organic Search Results.

Page Authority Is Calculated In The Same Way As Domain Authority But At The Individual Page Level. Page Authority Is Based Off Data From The Mozscape Web Index And Includes Link Counts And Dozens Of Other Factors.

How To Increase Domain Authority:

  • Acquire High-Quality Backlinks From Authority Sites
  • Create Killer Content That's Link Worthy
  • Audit Your Site And Remove Bad Links
  • Optimize Your Website Structure And User Experience
  • Improve Your Internal Links

Use The Website Analysis Tools To Identify The On-Page Search Engine Optimization Issues:

What Is On Page Seo:

On-Page Seo (Also Known As On-Site Seo) Refers To The Practice Of Optimizing Individual Webpages To Improve A Website's Search Engine Rankings And Earn Organic Traffic.

It's A Means Of Optimizing Your Website To Help Search Engines Better Understand Your Website. Google Is Constantly Updating Their Algorithm So That It Can Better Understand A Searcher's Intent And Deliver Search Results That Meet That User's Needs.

So What Is On-Page Optimization In Seo? On-Page Seo Is The Practice Of Optimizing Web Pages To Earn Organic Traffic And Improve A Website’s Rankings In The SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). This Includes Optimizing A Page’s Html, Internal Links, And Meta Data (Meta Title, Meta Description, And Keyword Density) Along With Posting High-Quality, Relevant Content And Images. When You Add All These Aspects Of A Webpage Together, You Are Left With An Improved Webpage.

On-Page Seo Helps Search Engines Analyze Your Website And The Content Connected To It So That It Can Identify If A Searcher’s Query Is Relevant To Your Site. Google Is Constantly Updating Their Algorithm So That It Can Better Understand A Searcher’s Intent And Deliver Search Results That Meet That User’s Needs. As Google’s Algorithm Develops, So Should Your Website.

This Is Why On-Page Seo Is Important. Without It, Your Site Could Be Seriously Missing Out On Opportunities To Rank For Search Queries Specific To Your Business. Without An Seo Strategy Then Your Site Might Get Pushed Down Search Results By Competitors.

Best On-Page Seo Analysis Tools To Find Issues:

  • Https://Serpstat.Com
  • Https://Www.Semrush.Com/Features/On-Page-Seo-Checker
  • Https://Pagespeed.Web.Dev
  • Https://Seranking.Com/On-Page-Checker.Html
  • Https://Sitechecker.Pro/Website-Crawler
  • Https://Ahrefs.Com/Seo-Checker
  • Https://Www.Seobility.Net/En
  • Https://Www.Seotesteronline.Com
  • Https://Moz.Com/Tools/Onpage-Grader

Generate Meta Tags Such As Title And Description For The Different Pages Of The Website Based On The Target Keywords:

What Are Types Of Meta Tags?

By Using These Meta Tags, We Can Boost Your Website's Seo.

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Canonical Tag
  • Alternative Text Tag
  • Robots Meta Tag
  • Open Graph Meta Tags And Twitter Cards
  • Header Tags

Meta Tags Are The First Impression Someone Has Of Your Page On A Serp. A Good Meta Description Will Attract Users To Click Through And Visit Your Site. They Ensure That Search Engines Know What Your Content Is About, So They'll Be Able To Show The Website In The Appropriate Results.

Guidelines For Using Meta Keywords Tags:

  • Keep Your List Of Keywords Or Keyword Phrases Down To Ten Or Fifteen Unique Keywords Or Phrases.
  • Separate The Words Or Phrases Using A Comma.
  • Do Not Repeat The Words Or Phrases Which You Use.
  • Place Your Most Important Words Or Phrases At The Beginning Of Your List.

Check List:

  • Check Whether All Your Pages And Your Content Have Title Tags And Meta Descriptions
  • Start Paying More Attention To Your Headings And How You Structure Your Content
  • Don’t Forget To Mark Up Your Images With Alt Text
  • Use Robot Meta Tags To Guide Search Engines On How They Should Access Your Content
  • Search For Duplicate Pages, And Use Canonical Tags To Avoid Cannibalizing Your Own Content With Duplicate Or Similar Content

Optimize And Update The Urls Of Website Pages By Including The Target Keywords Init And Making Them Search Engine Friendly:

  • Keep It As Simple As Possible.
  • Take Out The Extra Words In The Page Part Of The Url Slug.
  • Include Relevant Keywords.
  • Don't Keyword Stuff.
  • Make It Reader-Friendly.
  • Separate Words With Hyphens.
  • No Capital Letters.
  • Add Target Keywords In Url.

Make Internal Links Within The Website Pages Redirecting Them To Other Relevant Pages:

An Internal Link Is A Link From One Page To Another Page On The Same Domain. They're Simply Text Hyperlinks From One Page To Another Page On the Website.

What Is The Purpose Of An Internal Link?

Internal Links Help Google Find, Index, And Understand All Of The Pages On Your Site. If You Use Them Strategically, Internal Links Can Send Page Authority (Also Known As Pagerank) To Important Pages. In Short: Internal Linking Is Key For Any Site That Wants Higher Rankings In Google.

Internal Links Are Important Because They Can Help Google Understand And Rank Your Website Better. By Giving Google Links To Follow Along With Descriptive Anchor Text, You Can Indicate To Google Which Pages Of Your Site Are Important, As Well As What They Are About.

We Need To Use A Tag Provided By Html: This Tag Defines A Hyperlink, Which Is Used To Link From One Page To Another. And The Most Important Attribute Of The Element Is The Href Attribute, Which Indicates The Link's Destination.

Eg: Digital Marketing

This Issue Means That The Url Is Redirected To Another Internal Url On Your Website. These Pages Load Slowly, Which Negatively Affects User Experience And The Success Of Your Business.

Build High-Quality Outbound Links To Other External Websites With High Domain And Page Authority:

What Are Outbound Or External Links?

Outbound Links Are Links That Point From Site A To Site B. They Are Often Used Within Content To Add More Context And To Link A Reader To Another Source That Will Add Additional And Important Information To The Topic At Hand.

The External Links You Add Can Assist Search Engines In Determining The Usefulness And Quality Of Your Pages. High-Quality Pages Usually Link To Other High-Quality Pages; Thus, Search Engines Will Look At Your Content Favorably, Helping You Rank Higher.

Add And Update Appropriate Heading Tags (Like H1, H2 Etc.) In The Content Of All Pages To Improve The Content Readability:

Header Tags, Also Known As Heading Tags, Are Used To Separate Headings And Subheadings On A Webpagefrom from The Rest Of The Content. They Rank In Order Of Importance, From H1 To H6, With H1s Usually Being The Title. Header Tags Improve The Readability And Seo Of A Webpage.

Header Tags Improve The Readability And Improve The Seo Of Your Web Page. For Example, The Page Header Title Is Always H1 Followed By The Next Subheading- H2. If There Are Other Bullet Points Or Sections Of Text, It Is Better To Use The H3 Tag And H4 Further.

Header Tags Are Important For Seo Because They Help Google Understand Your Content, But Also Because They Make Your Page More User-Friendly – By Making Your Content More Readable And Accessible.

Using Headings Creates Texts Of Higher Quality That Are Easier To Read. A Better Text Is Better For Users, Which Is Better For Your Seo. If Visitors Can't Quickly Find What They're Looking For, They'll Probably Leave Your Site And Look For Another Answer To Their Question.

Headings Are Used To Separate Content On A Web Page Into Meaningful Sections. They Give Structure To A Page And Simplify Page Readability. Site Visitors Look At Headings When Scanning A Page For Content. They Can Easily Determine Where New Topics Are Introduced And Find What They're Interested In.

Importance Of H1

Always Include An H1 Tag.

Use Only One Per Page.

Include The Primary Keyword For Your Content.

Avoid Populating The Tag With Too Many Keywords.

Ensure That Your Target Audience Can Easily Read The H1 Tag.

Make The Tag Unique.


Digital Marketing Training

Optimize Images On A Page By Including The Target Keyword In Both The File Name And In The ‘Alt Text’ Of The Image:

An Alt Tag, Also Known As "Alt Attribute" And "Alt Description," Is An Html Attribute Applied To Image Tags To Provide A Text Alternative For Search Engines. Applying Images To Alt Tags Such As Product Photos Can Positively Impact An E-commerce Store's Search Engine Rankings. Alt Tags Provide Context To What An Image Is Displaying, Informing Search Engine Crawlers And Allowing Them To Index An Image Correctly.

Alternative (Alt) Text Is Meant To Convey The “Why” Of The Image As It Relates To The Content Of A Document Or Webpage. It Is Read Aloud To Users By Screen Reader Software, And It Is Indexed By Search Engines. It Also Displays On The Page If The Image Fails To Load, As In This Example Of A Missing Image.

Add Multimedia Files Such As Images, Videos, Podcasts, Infographics Etc.  Within The Content To Increase The User Engagement:

Create And Add XML Sitemap To The Navigation Of The Website To Assist The Search Engine Crawlers In Indexing The Website Pages:

A Sitemap Tells Google Which Pages And Files You Think Are Important In Your Site, And Also Provides Valuable Information About These Files.  XML Sitemap Is A List Of Your Website's URLs. It Acts As A Roadmap To Tell Search Engines What Content Is Available And How To Reach It.

XML Sitemap Is A File That Lists A Website's Essential Pages, Making Sure Google Can Find And Crawl Them All. It Also Helps Search Engines Understand Your Website Structure. You Want Google To Crawl Every Important Page Of Your Website.

What Is the Difference Between Html And XML Sitemap?

The Main Difference Between The Two Versions Is That Html Sitemaps Are Easily Read And Understood By Users While Xml Sitemaps Are Created For Search Engines. An XML Sitemap Is A File Intended To Be Read By Search Engine Robots. This File Includes A Lot Of Behind The Scenes Activity Of A Webpage.

How To Create Sitemap:

Open Https://Www.Xml-Sitemaps.Com

Having XML Sitemaps Allows Search Engines To Crawl And Index A Website Sufficiently, And Allowing All Search Engines To Be Notified Of The Site Map By Inserting It Into The Robots. Txt File. In A Nutshell, Sitemaps Enhance The Ranking Of A Website In Search Engine Results, Thus Boosting The Seo Efforts.

What Are The Advantages Of Sitemap?

Organize Large Websites

Serve As A Project Manager & Architect

Highlight The Website's Purpose

Speed The Work Of Search Engine Crawlers

Increase Search Engine Visibility

Enable Page Links In A Natural Way To Drive Visitors

Identify The Areas Where Site Navigation Could Improve.

What Is Crawling?

A Crawler Is A Program Used By Search Engines To Collect Data From The Internet. When A Crawler Visits A Website, It Picks Over The Entire Website's Content (I.E. The Text) And Stores It In A Databank. It Also Stores All The External And Internal Links To The Website.

Crawling Is The Discovery Of Pages And Links That Lead To More Pages. Indexing Is Storing, Analyzing, And Organizing The Content And Connections Between Pages. There Are Parts Of Indexing That Help Inform How A Search Engine Crawls.

What Is Crawling And How Does It Work?

Crawling Is The Process Used By Search Engine Web Crawlers (Bots Or Spiders) To Visit And Download A Page And Extract Its Links In Order To Discover Additional Pages.

Indexing Is How Search Engines Organize The Information And The Websites That They Know About. Indexing Is Part Of A Normal Search Engine Process. An Index Is Another Name For The Database Used By A Search Engine. Indexes Contain The Information On All The Websites That Google (Or Any Other Search Engine) Was Able To Find. If A Website Is Not In A Search Engine's Index, Users Will Not Be Able To Find It.

Identify The Backlinks Profile Of The Websites Of The Major Competitors Of The Organization:

A Backlink Is When One Website Links To Another With An Anchor Text. An Example Of A Backlink Is Any Article You Find That Links To Another Source Or Website. You Can Find Examples Of Website Backlinks All Over The Internet, Especially On Popular Blog Sites That Link Back To Relevant Content.

Backlinks (Also Known As “Inbound Links”, “Incoming Links” Or “One Way Links”) Are Links From One Website To A Page On Another Website. Google And Other Major Search Engines Consider Backlinks “Votes” For A Specific Page. Pages With A High Number Of Backlinks Tend To Have High Organic Search Engine Rankings.

Backlinks Can Bring In Highly Targeted, Valuable Traffic From Referring Websites.

Backlinks Are Great For Branding In The Sense That They Get Your Target Audience Familiar With Seeing Your Brand Associated With The Products Or Services That They Are Looking For.

Backlinks Give The Impression That You're An Authority In Your Given Industry.

Competitor Backlinking Is An Seo Technique Where You Analyze The Backlinks Of Competing Websites To Understand The Benchmarks For The Types, Quality, And Number Of Backlinks You Need. This Helps You Build A More Robust And Effective Link Building Strategy For Your Own Website.

What Is Competitive Analysis In Seo?

Seo Competitor Analysis, Or Seo Competitive Analysis, Involves Researching The Content And Other Elements Of The Content, Like The Links And Keywords A Competitor Has Used. Put Simply, It Is An Seo Comparison Between Two Competing Websites In A Similar Industry Or Business.

Competitor Analysis Helps Identify Your Competitors. The First Benefit Of Competitor Analysis In Seo Is That It Allows You To Determine Who Your Key Market Competitors Are. You'll Be Able To Conduct Additional Research And Assess Their Market Position As A Result.

What Are The Steps Parts Of A Competitive Analysis?

How To Conduct Your Competitive Analysis

  • Identify Your Top Ten Competitors.
  • Analyze And Compare Competitor Content.
  • Analyze Their Seo.
  • Look At Their Social Media Engagement.
  • Identify Areas For Improvement.
  • Identify Your Main Keywords. ...
  • Analyze Domain-Level Competitors With A Backlink Checker Tool. ...
  • Investigate Page-Level Competitors With A Backlink Analysis Tool. ...
  • Analyze Semantically Similar Keywords. ...

Tools To Do Competitive Analysis:

  • Competitor Analysis Tools:
  • Quick Search
  • Wappalyzer
  • Built with
  • Woorank
  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • Semrush
  • Spyfu
  • Owletter
  • Similarweb
  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • Majestic
  • Serpstat
  • Netpeak Checker

Identify The Alexa Rankings And Website Traffic Statistics Of The Major Competitors To Assess The Competition:

Alexa Rank Is A Global Ranking System That Ranks Millions Of Websites In Order Of Popularity. It's Calculated By Looking At The Estimated Average Daily Unique Visitors And Number Of Pageviews For A Given The Site Over The Past 3 Months. The Alexa Rank Indicates Number Of Visitors To A Website. Using The Alexa Rank, The 1,000,000 Most Searched Websites Are Determined. The Most Visited Sites Are Evaluated With A Traffic Ranking Of 0 - 50,000. This Figure Indicates High Popularity For A Website That Has Many Visits.

Alexa Analytics Is A Free Online Tool That Allows Users To Check The Current Position Of A Website On The Alexa Ranking System. The Tool Is Developed By Specialized Web Engineers Who Profoundly Understand The Ins And Outs Of Web Analytics And It Is Thus Built To Be Distinctively Reliable.

Comparative Analysis Study And Determine The Organization’s Position Against Competitors:

Create And Upload Online Press Releases To The Network Of Portals With High Domain And Page Authority :

Create And Submit Relevant Videos On Different Video Submission Sites To Generate High-Quality Backlinks:

Participate In Discussions On Relevant Industry Forums And Question Answer (Qa) Portals To Highlight The Company Offerings:

Seo Forums Allow You To Ask Questions And Share Knowledge. This Is An Opportunity To Help You Build Your Online Reputation. Sharing Solutions That Work For Other People Will Make Them Trust You. If You Keep Helping People With Useful, Relevant Information, They Will Consider You As The Expert Of A Certain Niche.

An Online Or Internet Forum Is A Website Where People Can Have Discussions About Various Topics. Often A Forum Will Be Specialized To One Particular Area Of Interest, Such As Mopar Automobiles, Sonoran Cuisine, Pudelpointer Dogs, Vintage Apple Computers, Finnish Death Metal, Or Whatever Else You Can Think Of.

Current Forums Are The Descendants Of The Early Dialup Bulletin Board Systems And Usenet Groups Of The 1970s And 80s But Are Far More Robust In Features And Usability. In Your Industry Specifically, There May Be Several Websites Or Forums Dedicated To Online Discussions Relevant To Industry News And Topics. You Name It, There’s Probably A Forum Dedicated To It. Furthermore, There Are Huge, More General Forums Where You Can Find “Subforums” Or Groups Dedicated Specifically To Your Industry.

Even Within Broad Forums Such As These, You Can Often Find Topics Related To Your Industry That You Can Get Involved With. Contributing To The Conversation On These Forums Is A Great Way To Help Spread Your Brand Awareness And Establish Your Business As A Leader In The Industry. We’ll Guide You Through Some Best Practices To Help You Along The Way. As You Are Making The Business Decision To Start Participating In Industry Forums, You Need To Decide Which Forums You Will Participate In.

Top-Quality Forums Will Have A Lot Of Traffic With People Asking All Of The Questions That You Know How To Answer Well, And Other Industry Leaders And Businesses Will Be Active On Those Sites.

What Is Local Seo:

Local Seo Is A Search Engine Optimization Strategy That Helps Your Business Be More Visible In Local Search Results On Google.

Any Business That Has A Physical Location Or Serves A Geographic Area Can Benefit From Local Seo. If You Search Google For Any Important Keywords Related To Your Business And A Map With 3 Listings Appears Underneath It (Also Known As A Map Pack), Then Local Seo Can Help You Grow Your Business.  Any Business That Has A Physical Location Or Serves A Geographic Area Can Benefit From Local Seo.

Local Seo Content Consists Of Text, Images, And Even Video Designed To Meet The Needs Of Local Searchers. It Can Appear On Your Website, On Local Landing Pages, On Your Google Business Profile, And More.

Local Seo Content Consists Of Text, Images, And Even Video Designed To Meet The Needs Of Local Searchers. It Can Appear On Your Website, On Local Landing Pages, On Your Google Business Profile, And More.

  • Take Stock Of Your Services And Products
  • Audit Your Existing Website
  • Conduct Competitor Keyword Research
  • Identify Geo-Specific Keywords
  • Implement On-Page Seo
  • Create Localized Landing Pages
  • Optimize Your Google My Business Listing
  • Submit Key Business Info To Directory Listings.
  • Establish A Localized Link Building Strategy
  • Generate Positive Customer Reviews

How To Create Local Business Listing:

1. Create A Google Business Profile Listing Using Gmail

2. Put Your Location In Strategic Parts Of Your Site

3. Make Sure You’re Using The Right Keywords

4. Encourage Customers To Write Online Reviews

5. Optimize Local Seo With Local Content

6. Optimize Your Site For Mobile

7. Submit Your Website To Local Directories

8. Keep Your Nap Information Up-To-Date

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Importance Of Local Seo For Business:

Local Seo Helps Your Business Stand Out – Even If You Don't Have A Website – And Helps Drive More Traffic To Your Premises Through Online Leads. Since These Leads Are From People Who Are Specifically Searching For Products Or Services That Your Business Offers, They Are Also Likely To Give You A High Conversion Rate.

Local Seo Activity, Such As Citation And Link Building, Increases Your Online Visibility. That Makes Your Business More Easily Discoverable By New Customers. More In-Store Foot Traffic: Greater Local Visibility Brings More Foot Traffic To Your Bricks-And-Mortar Location.

  • Easy Listing
  • Increase In Visibility
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Compete With Other Local Businesses
  • Gaining New Customers & Customer Retention
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Business Reputation


Local Seo Is Crucial Because It Helps You Boost Your Online Visibility. Bring In More Foot Traffic To Your Brick-And-Mortar Location. Attract More Targeted Traffic, Which Improves Your Chances Of Conversion.

Map Pack Vs Organic Results:

What Is Map Pack:

Google Map Pack Is The Term Used To Describe The Most Prominent Position In Google's Local Search Results – Where Businesses Are Listed And Their Locations Are Identified On A Map With Place Marker Icons. Map Pack Has Become A Critical Factor In How Consumers Decide Where And What To Buy When They Search Online.

Also Commonly Known As The “Google Local Pack” Or The “Google Pack Ranking,” It's A Set Of Three Highlighted Google-Maps-Based Results Featuring The Most Highly Ranked Businesses Based On The Factors That Determine Local Rankings.

The Top Factors For Ranking On Google Are High-Quality Content. Mobile-First. Page Experience.

What Is An Organic Result In Seo?

Organic Search Results Are The Unpaid Listings That Appear On A Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These Results Are Based On Factors Such As Relevance To The User's Search Query, Incoming Links, Valid Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Efforts, And Domain Authority.

Organic Links, As Well As Ppc And Google Map Links, Are Valuable For Driving Traffic. However, The Value Of Organic Links (Provided That They Are From High-Quality Sites) Is Greater Than That Of Paid Advertisements Or Maps Because It Aims At Getting People To Your Website Rather Than Attracting Brand Awareness. Quality Back Links Can Increase Your Domain Authority And Help You Rank Higher In Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Google SERP Features Such As Images And Video Can Also Be Used As Tools And Drivers Of Traffic. For Instance- Many Websites Use Images As A Way To Provide Information About What’s On Their Site By Using Thumbnails That Link To The Main Page. The Same Happens With Videos; They Often Contain Subtitles Which Can Serve As An.

Organic Links Are Used To Referring To Links That Appear In The Search Engine Results When A User Searches For Specific Terms. When You Type Words Into Google, Bing, Or Any Other Major Search Engine And Click On Their Link, This Is An Organic Link. Organic Traffic Can Grow Up To 106% After Updating And Republishing Old Posts.

Organic Listings Are Important Because Visitors Will Trust These Results More Than They Trust Paid Advertisements, Which Might Contain Cryptic Messages And Unclear Products. Organic Rankings Show The Quality Of Your Website And Business By Displaying What You Offer And How Well It Is Received By Others Who Have Used The Site Before Them.

Google My Maps Is A Free Tool That Will Allow you To Create, Share, And Embed Custom Local Maps. In Creating These, Also Add A Lot Of Information Such As:

- Business Nap Data

- Links To Your Website

- Links To Social Media

- Other Local Business

- Long-Form Content

This Means That You Could Create A Map That Links To Your Top Social Profiles, Your Top Citations Sources, and Your City Specific Landing Page, And These Links Could Be Surrounded By Location Optimized Text. What’s More, You Can Then Take These Maps, And Share (Embed), Boosting Their Authority, Much Like A Youtube Video.

Using The Other Two Tactics, You Could Include Your Local Optimized Map In Your Press Release As A Point Of Reference For People Looking For Your Storefront And You Could Include It On Your Geo-Network As Well. There Are A Lot Of Creative Ways You Could Share And Boost Each Map, You Could Even Start Showing Up On Maps That Other People Create In Your Area…

Anyway, If You Are A Local Seo Service Provider, I Think You Get The Gist. If You Are A Local Business, Keep It Simple And You Can Still Pull Ahead Of The Competition Using The Three Simple Tactics Discussed Above.

Strategy Of 3 Pack Ranking Signals:

  • Quality Of Your Google My Business Listing
  • Google My Business Reviews
  • Valuable Backlinks
  • Local Citations
  • On-Page Seo Signals
  • Fill Out Your Google Business Profile Page Entirely
  • Get Reviews On Your Google Profile
  • Garner Locally Relevant Links And Back Links To Boost Visibility
  • Build Your Social Media Presence.

How To Rank Higher In The Google 3-Pack

  • Optimize Your Google My Business Profile. Your Gmb Profile – Or Your Google Business Profile – Is Your Customers' Primary Source Of Information About Your Business
  • Make Your Website More Responsive. Google Places A High Priority On Ux
  • Add Reviews To Your Profile.
  • Claim And Complete A Google Business Profile
  • Post Linked Content (Including Photos) ...
  • Optimize Your Web Presence For Local Organic Search
  • Use Local Business Schema
  • Embed The Google Map On Your Contact Us Page.

Local Seo Tips

  • Optimize For Google My Business.
  • Engage On Social Media And Add Posts To Google My Business.
  • Ensure Your Name, Address, And Phone Number Are Consistent Online.
  • Optimize Online Directories And Citations.
  • Perform A Local Seo Audit.
  • Improve Your Internal Linking Structure.
  • Optimize Url, Title Tags, Headers, Meta Description, And Content.
  • Add Location Pages To Your Website.
  • Create Local Content.
  • Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly.
  • Get Inbound Links With Relevance And Authority.
  • Participate In Your Local Community.

Importance Of Google Guidelines For Maps:

As A Local Guide, You Earn Points When You Share Reviews, Photos, And Knowledge On Google Maps. Those Points Lead To Higher Levels Of The Program, As Well As Benefits Like Early Access To Google Features And Special Rewards From Partners.

What Is The Use Of Local Guide In Google Maps?

Local Guides Is A Global Community Of Explorers Who Write Reviews, Share Photos, Answer Questions, Add Or Edit Places, And Check Facts On Google Maps. Millions Of People Rely On Contributions Like Yours To Decide Where To Go And What To Do.

What Do You Think Is The Importance Or Purpose Of Putting A Google Map Plug In On Their Website?

There Are A Few Main Reasons To Add A Google Map To Your Website: It Helps Customers Or Website Visitors Get Directions To Your Business And Saves Customers The Steps Of Opening A New Browser Window, Leaving Your Website, And Finding Directions. Customers Can Simply Use The Map On Your Website.

Gmb Dashboard:

A Google My Business Dashboard Is An All-In-One Dashboard That Helps You Track All Your Gmb Key Performance Indicators, Spot Trends, And Gather Business Intelligence For Particular Location Groups.

What Is Gmb And How Does It Work?

Image Result For What Is A Gmb Dashboard?

What Is Google My Business? Gmb Is A Free Tool That Lets You Manage How Your Business Appears On Google Search And Maps. That Includes Adding Your Business Name, Location, And Hours; Monitoring And Replying To Customer Reviews; Adding Photos; Learning Where And How People Are Searching For You, And More.

What Is Gmb In Digital Marketing?

Google My Business (Gmb) Is A Free Tool Used To Promote A Business's information And Website Via Google Search And Maps.

Google My Business (Aka Google Business Profile) Is A Free Business Listing Feature That Lets You Upload Your Business's Photos, Location, Services/Products, And Any Other Relevant Information.

You Should Include Clear Details About Your Products Or Services, Who And What Area You Serve, And A Few Keywords To Increase Your Chances Of Showing Up For Relevant Searches. You Have 750 Characters To Describe Your Business On Your Google Business Profile.

Gmb Info Section:

You Should Include Clear Details About Your Products Or Services, Who And What Area You Serve, And A Few Keywords To Increase Your Chances Of Showing Up For Relevant Searches. You Have 750 Characters To Describe Your Business On Your Google Business Profile.

You Can Add A Description To Your Gmb Listing Using These Easy Steps: In Your Gmb Dashboard, Click On Info. You'll See A New Field, “Add Business Description.” Click On The Pencil Icon Next To This Field.

What To Include In A Business Description

  • Business Name.
  • Business Goals.
  • Target Customers.
  • Competitive Advantages.
  • Business Location And Opening Date.
  • Mission Statement.
  • Products Or Services.
  • Business Structure.

There Is No Way To Arrange The Photos In A Custom Manner But You Can Set A Cover Photo. This Way You Can Recommend Which Photo Will Show Up First For Users.

There Is No Way To Arrange The Photos In A Custom Manner But You Can Set A Cover Photo. This Way You Can Recommend Which Photo Will Show Up First For Users.

What Size Should Gmb Photos Be?

Your Photos Look Best On Google If They Meet The Following Standards: Size: Between 10 Kb And 5 Mb. Recommended Resolution: 720 Px Tall, 720 Px Wide. Minimum Resolution: 250 Px Tall, 250 Px Wide.

Google Search Console: (G S C)

Google Search Console Is A Web Service By Google Which Allows Webmasters To Check Indexing Status, Search Queries, Crawling Errors And Optimize the Visibility Of Their Websites. Search Console Tools And Reports Help You Measure Your Site's Search Traffic And Performance, Fix Issues And Make Your Site Shine In Google Search Results.

Search Console Is A Tool From Google That Can Help Anyone With A Website To Understand How They Are Performing On Google Search, And What They Can Do To Improve Their Appearance On Search To Bring More Relevant Traffic To Their Websites.

How To Create G S C:

Sign Into Your Google Account. Make Sure You’re Using Your Business (Not Personal) Account If It’s A Business Website.

Go To Gsc


Click “Add A Property.”

Choose “Website” From The Drop-Down Menu And Enter The Url Of Your Site. Make Sure You’re Using The Exact Url That Appears In The Browser Bar.

Click “Continue.”

Pick A Way To Verify You Own Your Website (Html File Upload, Domain Name Provider, Html Tag, Ga Tracking Code, Or Gtm Container Snippet).

If Your Site Supports Both Http:// And Https://, Add Both As Separate Sites.

Gsc Verification Methods:

Section Of A Specific Page’s Html Code.

  • Html File Upload: Upload A Verification Html File To A Specific Location Of Your Website.
  • Domain Name Provider: Sign Into Your Domain Registrar (Like Godaddy, Enom, Or Networksolutions.Com), And Verify Your Site Directly From Gsc Or Add A Dns Txt Or Cname Record.
  • Html Tag: Add A Tag To The
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code: Copy The Ga Tracking Code That You Use On Your Site. (You Need “Edit” Permission In Ga For This Option.)
  • Google Tag Manager Container Snippet Code: Copy The Gtm Container Snippet Code Associated With Your Site. (You Need View, Edit, And Manage Container-Level Permissions In Gtm For This Option.)

How Do Use Google Console For Seo?

  • Verify Site Ownership. Get Access To All Of The Information the Search Console Makes Available
  • Make Sure Google Can Find And Read Your Pages
  • Review Mobile Usability Errors Google Found On Your Site
  • Consider Submitting A Sitemap To Search Console
  • Monitor Your Site's Performance.

How To Set A Geographic Target

Go To Google Search Console.

Click On The Website (Property) for You Want To Set a Geographic Target For.

On The Left, Select Search Traffic > International Targeting.

Click On The “Country” Tab.

Select The Region You Want To Target Or Select “Unlisted”

Click “Save.”

How To Use Google Search Console:

Identify Your Highest-Traffic Pages.

Identify Your Highest-Ctr Queries.

Look At Average Ctr.

Monitor Your Ctr Over Time.

Monitor Your Impressions Over Time.

Monitor Your Average Position Over Time.

Identify Your Highest-Ranking Pages.

Identify Your Lowest-Ranking Pages.

Identify Ranking Increases And Decreases.

Identify Your Highest-Traffic Queries.

Compare Your Site's Search Performance Across Desktop, Mobile, And Tablet.

  • Compare Your Site's Search Performance Across Different Countries.
  • Learn How Many Of Your Pages Have Been Indexed.
  • Learn Which Pages Haven't Been Indexed And Why.
  • Monitor the Total Number Of Indexed Pages And Indexing Errors.
  • Identify Mobile Usability Issues.
  • Learn How Many Total Backlinks Your Site Has.
  • Identify Which Urls Have The Most Backlinks.
  • Identify Which Sites Link To You The Most.
  • Identify The Most Popular Anchor Text For External Links.
  • Identify Which Pages Have The Most Internal Links.
  • Learn How Many Total Internal Links Your Site Has.
  • Find And Fix Amp Errors.
  • See Google How Google Views A Url.

Crawls Stats And Errors:

Crawl Errors Occur When A Search Engine Tries To Reach A Page On Your Website But Fails. Let's Shed Some More Light On Crawling First. Crawling Is The Process Where A Search Engine Tries To Visit Every Page Of Your Website Via A Bot.

What Are Crawl Stats?

The Crawl Stats Report Shows You Statistics About Google's Crawling History On Your Website. For Instance, How Many Requests Were Made And When, What Your Server Response Was, And Any Availability Issues Encountered. You Can Use This Report To Detect Whether Google Encounters Serving Problems When Crawling Your Site.

A Server Error Most Often Means That Your Server Is Taking Too Long To Respond, And The Request Times Out. The Googlebot That's Trying To Crawl Your Site Can Only Wait A Certain Amount Of Time To Load Your Website Before It Gives Up. If It Takes Too Long, The Googlebot Will Stop Trying.

How To Make A Website Easier To Crawl And Index?

  • Submit Sitemap To Google
  • Strengthen Internal Links
  • Regularly Update And Add New Content
  • Avoid Duplicating Any Content
  • Speed Up Your Page Load Time

What Is Fetch In Seo?

The Fetch As Google Feature In Webmaster Tools Provides Webmasters With The Results Of Googlebot Attempting To Fetch Their Pages. The Server Headers And Html Shown Are Useful For Diagnosing Technical Problems And Hacking Side-Effects.

What Is Robots.Txt In Seo:

A Robots. Txt File Tells Search Engine Crawlers Which Urls The Crawler Can Access On Your Site. This Is Used Mainly To Avoid Overloading Your Site With Requests; It Is Not A Mechanism For Keeping A Web Page Out Of Google. To Keep A Web Page Out Of Google, Block Indexing With Noindex Or Password-Protect The Page.

How To Create Robots.Txt File:

Create A File Named Robots.Txt

Add Rules To The Robots.Txt File

Upload The Robots.Txt File To The Root Of Your Site

Robots.Txt Is A File That Tells Search Engine Spiders To Not to Crawl Certain Pages Or Sections Of A Website. Most Major Search Engines (Including Google, Bing, And Yahoo) Recognize And Honor Robots.Txt Requests.

Robots.Txt Is A Text File With Instructions For Search Engine Robots That Tells Them Which Pages They Should And Shouldn't Crawl. These Instructions Are Specified By “Allowing” Or “Disallowing” The Behavior Of Certain (Or All) Bots.

Robots.Txt Syntax:

User-Agent: Googlebot

Disallow: /Wp-Admin/

User-Agent: Duckduckbot

Disallow: /Not-For-Duckduckgo



The User-Agent Directive

The First Line Of Every Block Of Directives Is The “User-Agent,” Which Identifies The Crawler It Addresses.

So, If You Want To Tell Googlebot Not To Crawl Your WordPress Admin Page, For Example, Your Directive Will Start With:

User-Agent: Googlebot

Disallow: /Wp-Admin/

Keep In Mind That Most Search Engines Have Multiple Crawlers. They Use Different Crawlers For Their Normal Index, Images, Videos, Etc.

Search Engines Always Choose The Most Specific Block Of Directives They Can Find.

Let’s Say You Have Three Sets Of Directives: One For *, One For Googlebot, And One For Googlebot-Image.

If The Googlebot-News User Agent Crawls Your Site, It’ll Follow The Googlebot Directives.

On The Other Hand, The Googlebot-Image User Agent Will Follow The More Specific Googlebot-Image Directives.

The Disallow Directive

The Second Line In Any Block Of Directives Is The “Disallow” Line.

You Can Have Multiple Disallow Directives That Specify Which Parts Of Your Site The Crawler Can’t Access.

An Empty “Disallow” Line Means You’re Not Disallowing Anything—So A Crawler Can Access All Sections Of Your Site.

For Example, If You Wanted To Allow All Search Engines To Crawl Your Entire Site, Your Block Would Look Like This:

User-Agent: *

Allow: /

On The Flip Side, If You Wanted To Block All Search Engines From Crawling Your Site, Your Block Would Look Like This:

User-Agent: *

Disallow: /

Directives Like “Allow” And “Disallow” Aren’t Case-Sensitive, So It’s Up To You To Capitalize Them Or Not.

However, The Values Within Each Directive Are.

For Example, /Photo/ Is Not The Same As /Photo/.

Still, You Will Often Find “Allow” And “Disallow” Directives Capitalized Because It Makes The File Easier For Humans To Read.

The Allow Directive

The “Allow” Directive Allows Search Engines To Crawl A Subdirectory Or Specific Page, Even In An Otherwise Disallowed Directory.

For Example, If You Wanted To Prevent Googlebot From Accessing Every Post On Your Blog Except For One, Your Directive Might Look Like This:

User-Agent: Googlebot

Disallow: /Blog

Allow: /Blog/Example-Post

Note: Not All Search Engines Recognize This Command. Google And Bing Do Support This Directive.

The Sitemap Directive

The “Sitemap” Directive Tells Search Engines, Specifically, Bing, Yandex, And Google, Where To Find Your XML Sitemap.

Sitemaps Generally Include The Pages You Want Search Engines To Crawl And Index.

You Can Find This Directive At The Very Top Or Bottom Of A Robots.Txt File, And It Looks Like This:

Noindex Directive

The Robots.Txt File Tells A Bot What It Can Or Can’t Crawl, But It Can’t Tell A Search Engine Which Urls Not To Index And Show In Search Results.

The Page Will Still Show Up In Search Results, But The Bot Won’t Know What’s On It, So Your Page Will Look Like This:

Disavow Link Tool:

What Is A Disavow Link Tool?

If You Have A Manual Action Against Your Site For Unnatural Links To Your Site, Or If You Think You're About To Get Such A Manual Action (Because Of Paid Links Or Other Link Schemes That Violate Our Quality Guidelines), You Should Try To Remove The Links From The Other Site To Your Site.

When Should You Disavow Links?

Image Result For What Is A Disavow Links Tool

If It Is Clearly Spam And Not Topically Relevant I Would Consider Disavowing The Page Or The Entire Domain To Save Time. You Can Go A Step Further And Pull Similar Reports For Your Top Three Competitors In Google Search To See If They Have Similar Backlinks.

Why Are Disavowing Links Important?

The Obvious Benefit Of Using The Disavow Tool Is That It Allows You To Clean Up Your Link Profile. This Can Be Good If You Have Either Purposely Used Bad Tactics In The Past Or Have Been Targeted By Someone. The Disavow Tool Can Also Be Used To Stop Specific Sites From Linking To You.

Html Suggestions In Seo:

Most Important Html Tags For Seo

Title Tag. Title Tags Are Used To Set Up Those Clickable Headlines That You See In The Serp:

Meta Description Tag

Heading (H1-H6) Tags

Image Alt Text

Schema Markup

Html5 Semantic Tags

Meta Robots Tag

Canonical Tag

Google Analytics:

Get A Complete Understanding Of The Customers Across Devices And Platforms. Google Analytics Gives You The Tools, Free Of Charge, To Understand The Customer Journey And Improve Marketing Roi.

Google Analytics Is A Web Analytics Service Offered By Google That Tracks And Reports Website Traffic, Currently As A Platform Inside The Google Marketing Platform Brand.

What Data Does Google Analytics Collect?

Google Analytics Can Collect A Lot Of Data About How People Use A Website. At Its Most Basic, It Will Collect:

Time Of Visit, Pages Visited, And Time Spent On Each Page Of The Webpages

Referring to Site Details (Such As The Uri A User Came Through To Arrive At This Site)

Type Of Web Browser

Type Of Operating System (Os)

Network Location And Ip Address.

With Some Custom Implementation, Google Analytics Can Also Be Used To Collect Additional Data Which Might Include:

Document Downloads

Clicks On Links Leading To External Websites

Errors When Users Fill Out Forms

Installing Analytics Code In Site:

On A Computer, Open A Classic Google Site.

Click Settings. Manage Site.

Under "Statistics," Click The Down Arrow. Use Universal Analytics.

In The Text Box, Under "Analytics Web Property Id," Enter A Valid Analytics Property Id.

To Start Collecting Data, You Need To Put The Google Tag In The Code Of Your Website. The Google Tag Must Be On Every Page That Has the Data You Want To Collect. Once You've Set Up Your Google Tag You Can: Configure Your Google Tag Settings.

The Audience Overview Report Gives You A Quick Snapshot Of Who Is Visiting Your Site, Where They Are Coming From, What Type Of Device They Are On, And How Long They Are Staying. The Metrics You'll Find In This Report Include: Sessions. Users. Pageviews.

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