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At KANAP Systems, we provide you more than one reason to work with us. After all, we are among one of the world’s ‘employee-friendly’ IT and consulting service providers. We believe that success starts with having the right people! Whatever your experience and educational background is, if you are enthusiastic about your work, a career at KANAP Systems will help you.

Work with the best

Working at KANAP Systems helps you deepen your knowledge by learning from the best and most experienced in the industry. If you have innovative ideas, we turn them into realities and make sure you get the credit for it!

Design your career your way

At KANAP Systems, we provide everything you need to develop your skills and build a long and successful career. Join us to discuss ideas on global technology, enjoy the flexibility to design your workday, select the best from a variety of opportunities, take on new challenges and put your enthusiasm, skills and passions to good use.

At KANAP Systems, we go that extra mile to understand the requirements and talents of our employees, which help us have the most innovative and creative thinkers on board.

Fun at Work

Experience organization’s impetus on making KANAP Systems an exciting place to work: with many festive celebrations, team outings and associate achievements.

Corporate Training:


Induction training is an important component of the training life cycle. Induction Training for new hires is vital to ensure that they settle in well in the organization. Our aim is to ascertain that new hires understand our organization‘s mission, goals, values and philosophy; and importantly their job role as expected in a professional environment. This training aims to establish a clear foundation and set expectations around work ethics, integrity and responsibility. With this in mind, we have customized our training to suit different levels i.e. Entry Level hires and Lateral hires.

Entry Level Training At KANAP SYSTEMS, all Campus Hires undergo a foundation technical training which covers business aligned software engineering and programming concepts, followed by one of the many technical tracks. The training delivered is in accordance with the syllabus developed in consultation with business leaders and subject matter experts (SMEs). The Assessment Framework consists of tests administered right at various stages, a Final Test and a project.

The Entry-level Training program for fresh graduates from the campuses consists of a Foundation module and six standard Technical Tracks (CC++, Java, Dot Net, Oracle, Networking, and Testing). At the end of the classroom-training program, the fresh graduates work on a project. The project is a training module designed for entry-level trainees to apply the technology learning’s they have acquired during the trainer-led classroom-training program.

By applying a blend of technology and process, we ensure that trainees assigned to projects have a basic understanding of software engineering processes and tools (such as Bugzilla and Subversion) in addition to the technology skills they have been trained in. Along with technical skills, all campus recruits attend a Professional Skills Program, which prepares them to interface and engage with colleagues and customers across the globe.

On the successful completion of the training program, the trainees are assigned to Delivery units’ for further LOB specific domain trainings and on the job training.

Lateral Hires Training The Induction program typically extends for 1 – 2 weeks for lateral hires and the focus is essentially on getting you immersed into the KANAP SYSTEMS culture / philosophy and engagements. The engagement specific induction might extend from a few days to a few weeks depending on the nature of the engagement.

Lateral hires are trained through various means such as online training, collaborative learning, certification programs, instructor-led and on-demand training.

Learning @ KANAP Systems

Learning is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage in our industry, today. As the war for talent continues, leveraging and optimizing learning for stronger performance is critical. In this knowledge based economy, creating a learning environment helps address talent shortfall, generate ideas and ultimately leads to building an engaged workforce resulting in higher productivity and retention. We recognize that grooming an employee into a globally competitive leader requires an extensive and nurturing ecosystem.

Behavioral Learning and Development KANAP SYSTEMS has identified roles at different employee levels and associated competencies desired to fulfill the demands of those roles. Several developmental initiatives are available to the employees across the organization to build or enhance role critical competencies through Professional Development, Leadership Development or Sales Learning programs. A unique learning road map approach allows employees and their reporting managers to identify needs and the training path they need to work on. These courses are available in classroom, webinar and e-learning format in partnership with top global virtual learning organization to allow for greater reach and ease of access.

All programs are designed with the ultimate business objective in mind resulting in enhanced productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and effective leadership transitions.